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Kicking off 2018 with New Classes

2018 Let's kick start with some new classes!

I will be kicking off the 1st in a series of classes around security architecture.

Today is the official launch of the SUTD Academy and I am happy to be the 1st new class launched this year!

here is a link to the class -> https://sutd.edu.sg/Education/Academy/Our-Offerings/SkillsFuture-Series-Courses/Cybersecurity/Cybersecurity-Architecture-Fundamentals

This would be an introduction level class covering approach to security, threat modelling, misuse cases, and how to document architecture decisions.

I would also cover the inks between good architecture and the ability to support operations like the various incident response frameworks which might be adopted by various organisations.

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Too often vendor who are only engaged to build a solution fail to take the operational aspects of a system into consideration when designing the system.

With my experiences in running operations, I hope to help raise the awareness of architecture impact to operations.

So if you are interested and in Singapore, please do register for the class!


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