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Some thoughts on Enterprise Architecture

Recently as I was putting together plans for my EA organization, I have been thinking about how best to organise the team and the work products we need to produce.

In the past, the team has been focused mainly of the strategic and vision part of EA - process maps, technology roadmap, API governance frameworks, Master Data Management strategy, etc. But as we have more senior management interaction, I realised a large part of what we do needs to shift a little to what I call "Operational EA".

What is Operational EA? In my team, this is something the EA team has to build with the PMO and Finance team to complete some of the operational information of the EA framework.

Some of the things I have been planning to do are :

  1. mapping financial info of the technology to applications - this includes cape to start, open to operate and depreciation information on assets.
  2. mapping data assets to business units - this is to really identify the right data stewards for the assets in the organization.
  3. creating management reports based on business use of the technology. - ability to track end to end assets use and cost for various business use - e.g. ERP, CRM, HRMS, etc

As the team has been working with IBM System Architect (now Unicom System Architect) as the EA repository and IBM DOORS Next Generation as the requirements repository, we have to extend the system Meta-models to handle such info.

stay tune for more updates as we continue to develop this space.

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