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Career Highlights

Thought Leadership

  • Co-authored a patent on SOA Governance Topology
  • Published a patent on automated calendar events updated based on real-time teleconference
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Enterprise Architecture/Governance

  • Introduced and laid groundwork for implementation of Service Oriented Architecture via Web Services on both distributed systems and mainframe platforms
  • Introduced formal architecture practices and processes to a Fortune 500 company
  • Led and mentored team to develop security reference architecture for systems based on micro services and serverless design.
  • Introduced and laid groundwork for implementation of Service Oriented Architecture via Web Services on both distributed systems and mainframe platforms
  • Introduced and implemented design discipline and skills such as UML to corporate software development practices
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  • Developed ISO27001 assessment templates for fellow practitioners
  • Designed and implemented a secure Ci/CD pipeline for DevSecOps which includes compliance-as-code.
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Social Business

  • Aligning business values to technology solutions to drive adoption
  • Involved in business transformation activities to improve productivity and efficiency for executive management teams
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Professional Experience:

Ian has been working on dynamic worldwide applications for clients including multinationals and Fortune 500 companies, with the goal of increasing efficiencies, implementing standardization, creating ease of use, and updating legacy systems in cost-effective ways. Ian’s projects focus on emerging information technologies like SOA and dynamic BPM. Ian has extensive experience with multinational and multilingual systems, as well as software development in large complex systems, covering applications from legacy mainframe integration to browser-based Internet applications.

Ian’s forte lies in designing systems across international networks, harnessing the Internet. He is considered a leader in e-Architecture, full lifecycle development, processes for analysis and design, and service oriented architecture. He has authored Corporate IS standards and methodologies, and has conducted many classes in emerging technologies.  As an expert in implementing SOA solutions, he has enabled legacy mainframe applications to be leveraged from distributed systems including IVR systems.

Ian has worked around the world with many international companies, bringing with him a wealth of experience in international systems and a variety of industries ranging from property management and gold mining to human resources and banking. As a senior principal at one of the top IT consulting companies in the U.S., he was responsible for the integration of many local systems into single browser-based systems and has reinvented internal processes to help clients effectively harness emerging technologies. Working with firms of varying sizes has given him the ability to understand the unique business needs of companies, from dot-com start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.


Ian graduated within the top 5% of his class at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia with a double major in Computer Science and Information Systems. He emerged with a GPA of 3.92 in his Masters of Science (Information Systems) program at Pace University in New York. His research was focused on SOA, and WS-Transactions in particular.

He has also designed and taught classes in SOA, SOA Governance and Information Systems Security.

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