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Developing many new and First-of-a-Kind (FOAK) innovative solutions to help address business issues. Some of these resulted in patents.

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Building next generation capability models to tackle digital transformation and ensure a robust framework in the transformation journey.

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Ensure the right level of investment to secure the organisation's digital assets and to ensure the protection evolve with the threat landscape.

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"I had the privilege of working with Ian when he was part of my worldwide SOA Advanced Technology Architecture team at IBM. In that role, Ian provided technical leadership in helping both clients and IBM teams understand what was then a very new technology, as well as supporting implementations of that technology, working on three continents. He is an excellent technical leader, with the words "technical" and "leader" both being important and used deliberately."

- Tony Carrato, Consulting Architect
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"Ian has been the go-to guy for all things technology. He has a deep understanding and most current views on emerging technologies and I can always count on him to give us an honest opinion on the technology landscape."

Terence Siau, VP at ABPGroup Pte Ltd
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"Ian is an exceptional cybersecurity leader who knows his tech and what he wants from it. He has been a great mentor in navigating the cybersecurity landscape and he has brought out the best from the partnership with ViewQwest by unselfishly sharing his frank views, sharp insight, and remarkable expertise in the domain."

- Vignesa Moorthy, Founder & CEO at ViewQwest


I have been making educational videos on various topics and posting them on my YouTube Channel. Do take a look at some of these on Cyber Laws in the a Singapore context, Quantum Computing & Threats in Retail and Manufacturing industries.

Links to my books on Amazon:
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