Work Experience

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IT Specialist

Started my career with HP right after graduation. In my first job, I was working on the Training Management System on the HP3000 developing and maintaining the Job Control Language (JCL). I then moved into more HR systems like PeopleSoft HRMS and working on PeopleCode applications.
January 1996
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Senior IT Specialist

In August 1997, I relocated to Palo Alto, CA in the United States to take on a global role supporting the global HRIT teams across the world. Here I was building HR data warehouses, Incentive pay systems and career management systems on top of PeopleSoft system development. We also built one of the 1st wireless application for mobile sales force using the Palm VII.
August 1997
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Senior Principal Consultant

I was recruited by Keane, Inc. to be a member of elite corporate Architecture Practice supporting all branches nationwide. Here I led and mentored local teams at client locations. Some notable projects was a global event system (one of the earliest web based event management systems) and the consolidation of 11 legacy applications at Oxford Health, a leading medical insurance provider.
September 2000
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Manager, Technology Architecture

At this job, I was responsible for creating and governing technology and application architectural standards across the organisation.
I was also responsible for auditing system designs for enterprise applications including global e-commerce systems and supply chain management systems. Major highlights in this role was the creating of the 1st web service on the IBM OS/390 to access CICS data from a visual basic application.
August 2001
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Senior Technology Advisor, Enterprise Architecture

In October 2004, I joined Bowne & Co., a financial printer that is also one of the oldest companies in the United States (founded before independence). Here I was responsible for setting architecture standards within the organisation. Development of research tools to improve productivity of business development teams. Notable achievements include putting in one of the world's first installation of Team Foundation Server (pre-GA) to modernise team development.
October 2004
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Consulting IT Architect, SOA Advanced Technologies

In December 2006, I was offered a job in IBM Singapore to be part of a team focusing in Service-Oriented Architecture. Here I was supporting the Asia-Pacific region and my responsibilities include technical responsibility for SOA engagements and
contributing to thought leadership in the region. In this exciting role where we worked on many First-of-a-kind (FOAK) projects, I was part of the team that got awarded a USPTO patent on SOA Governance methodology.
December 2006
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Regional Lead Security Architect

In June 2010, I was offered a job to lead the Security practice for IBM ASEAN. I was responsible for planning the security strategy and direction for the team and also assist in all major security engagement in the region. I was also responsible for training the security practitioners on security skills. Major highlights here was the design of a global authentication framework for an international bank and also established as a pioneer for cloud security by being in the first 5 person in SG to get my CCSK certification in 2010.
June 2010
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Director, Governance - Managed Service Sector

As the regional director for governance for CSC in Asia, I was responsible for the governance of all projects across Asia, looking at the efficiency and effectiveness of governance mechanisms put in place for all major projects.

As the acting Director of Program and project management office, I am responsible for the project managers across Asia for the Manage Services Delivery organisation; including large banking customers such as Maybank.
January 2011
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Social Business Evangelist

As a member of the IBM Collaboration SWAT Team, I am responsible for driving revenue and product adoption within the Asia Pacific region by presenting and demonstrating the IBM Social Business Solution, product portfolio and business value for our customers, partners and internal IBM sales professionals. Work with many large banks across the world to implement social business.
August 2011
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Director, Enterprise Architecture & Integration

As a part of the CIO office, I was hired to help build a regional Enterprise Architecture team to support the IT consolidation of the AMERA (Asia- Pacific, Middle East, Russia, Africa) region. In this role, I designed and built the Enterprise Architecture model for the organisation focusing on governance and reuse. My role was to advice the CIO on strategic decisions, execute business objectives, guide solution development teams and harvest assets for reuse. I am also the owner of all middleware operations (from development consulting to operational support of all middleware). Here we made news as the first company in the region to move to a full hyper converged infrastructure with Nutanix in 2015.
May 2014
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Director, Government Cybersecurity Operations

As the Director of Cybersecurity Operations, I am responsible for the day-to-day running of the Security Operations Centre. Some of the highlights in this role includes:
  • Reorganized the operations to be an integrated function.
  • §eveloped automated playbooks for incident response
  • Mentor various organisations in developing the cybersecurity eco-system in Singapore.
  • Authored security reference architecture for systems based on microservices and serverless design.
  • Delivered presentations on “Security operations in the cloud-era”
January 2017
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Chief Technology Officer

As the chief technology officer for NE Digital (the digital transformation organisation within NTUC Enterprise), I am responsible for the technology architecture and governance across the social enterprises ranging from retail and loyalty programmes to healthcare and education. Some of my achievements in this role includes:

  • Developed a technology vision and roadmap to support the digital transformation of the organisation.
  • Implement FinOps as a practice to save 30+% of cloud computing cost for 2 consecutive years.
  • Led the development of a risk-awareness programme for the organisation to enable a risk-aware cultural change.
  • Led the modernisation of the corporate network using Software Defined Networks (SDN) resulting in 30+% cost reduction in network cost.
  • Developed a secure private cloud for hosting and bridging legacy application to the public cloud to create a true hybrid cloud architecture.
  • Developed the next generation Work-From-Home (WFH) network architecture to extend “secure location” from the office to selected home offices.
  • Developed a full hybrid cloud architecture for the enterprise with Hyperconverged Infrastructure and public cloud providers.
  • Lead the organisation to be only the 2nd private enterprise sponsored by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore for membership to Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST).
February 2019
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Chief Information Officer

As the chief Information officer for DFI Retail Group , I am responsible for the foundational technologies supporting the business in over 10 countries. As par of the Digital Transformation of the organisation, I oversaw the creation of the tech stack and network modernisation for the group. Besides the infrastructure modernisation work, I also build up the modern data lake and data engineering practice to support the move to a data-driven organisation.
April 2022
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