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Architecture Models and Methods

As we get deeper into the architecture series, I would like to take the opportunity to cover a bit more on the theoretical aspects on why we model and why we need to follow methods or framework. I put it similar to learning how to drive - you need to learn the highway code for every country (or environment) you are going to drive in, the local laws and also maps. Those are the models of the environment (or system).

How you drove when you were taking your driving test and how you drive today would certainly be very different. When you were taking you test, you went through a "checklist" of behaviour like looking at all the mirrors, making sure your indicators are on, confirming your blind spots by turning your head, etc. before you change lanes. but today, based on your experience, you might do it all at once or take short cuts or rely on blindspot sensors in your new car.

The point is, you might not follow the "checklist" of learning how to drive, but you certainly remember the safety aspects and why you do it, although might be more subconsciously.

hope you enjoy this session.

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